The Side effects of lip fillers

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Cosmetic surgeons should use the best lip filling strategies involving high-quality collagen-based ingredients so that probable complications or side-effects can be easily avoided. Though the side-effects of lip fillers are not so much harmful in nature but if they remain untreated then you might face dreadful consequences. You should also follow the post-treatment instructions catered by the surgeons so that complications can be avoided with ease.

Most common side-effects associated with lip-fillers:

  • Injected sites might get bleed for some time. This is one of the commonest side-effects of any lip-fillers and the surgeons usually cater the best therapies for stopping this bleeding.
  • Bruising and swelling are quite common after this kind of filer. Prolonged ad severe kind of bruising or swelling might even last from one week to ten days. Extreme swelling might sometimes invite acute fever.
  • Tenderness and redness around injected sites can be viewed. If these kinds of conditions last for long then you got to consult with your surgeon without any delay. You can also apply different kinds of DIY treatments for getting rid of these troubles.
  • Tissue-loss is another adverse side-effect which basically occurs as a result of injection within blood-vessel. This loss can be quite harmful in future and can affect the longevity tenure of your fillers. Tissue-loss mainly occurs due to wrong surgical steps of the surgeon. This is the reason you got to choose the best cosmetic-surgeon in order to avaoid this particular trouble.
  • Lip irregularities and lumps might get created immediately after the filler-job is done. If these irregularities are not treated on time then the fillers might end up with acute adversity.
  • Infection is one of the most critical risks associated with lip-fillers. In this case, your lip might get exposed towards infectious elements as a result of which you might experience quite a painful situation at the end of the day.
  • Allergic reactions are now getting experienced by some patients having lip fillers. These reactions might turn into severe condition if not treated properly. In this case, only your surgeon can cater you valuable suggestions. Itching, swelling or redness around lips can be found due to these kinds of reactions.
  • Lip stiffening, scarring and ulceration are also categorized under the side-effects from lip fillers. If your lips become stiff then you might face a great trouble in delivering your speeches, chewing and other lip activities.
  • Though Lip discolouration is not so common but still many patients have experienced the same after undergoing through lip-fillers.

 Video about swelling from lip injections:

Restricted conditions for lip fillers:

There are some restricted conditions that do not allow lip-fillers at all. Some of these conditions are as follows:

  • Blood-clotting issues.
  • Lupus.
  • Diabetes.
  • Oral herpes.
  • Pregnancy/ breast-feeding women.

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If you are facing any of these conditions but you have kept it secret from your surgeon, then you will definitely experience severe complications. This is why efficient surgeons always ask for the submission of previous medical-history so that the patients can receive successful lip-fillers without involving any side-effects. Also don’t forget to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for your lip enhancement injections. If you choose a skilled and authoritative doctor you limit the change of having side effects from lip fillers!

How Dangerous Is Cosmetic Surgery?

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All surgeries, including cosmetic surgeries are dangerous and they all carry some level of risk. For example, if you have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity or even lung disease then you do certainly have a higher level of risk when it comes to your surgery. You also have an increased risk of experiencing problems if you smoke when you are healing, but if you work with your surgeon and if you do everything you can to follow the instructions that they are telling you then there are a couple of things that you can do to benefit from what they have to say.


When you work closely with your surgeon, they can talk you through any issues that you might experience with your anaesthesia and they can also talk you through the chances of you developing a blood clot. It is here where you will talk about the medical problems that you have experienced in the past while also chatting with them about the chances of you developing any issues during the surgery itself.

Some of the risks include developing fluid under the skin, bleeding, scarring and numbness. This can happen with absolutely any surgery that you have and it is certainly not linked specifically with cosmetic surgery at all.

If you follow all of your doctor’s instructions and if you do everything you can to keep your wound clean and avoid smoking, you really shouldn’t have any problems. If you choose a reliable surgeon then they can work with you to make sure that you are understanding of the risks involved with your procedure, but usually complications are rare and nothing at all for you to worry about when the time does come for you to get started with your own surgery.

What to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Whether you plan to have a facelift, nose augmentation, liposuction, or a complete body makeover, it is important to choose the right plastic surgeon to achieve successful results. As the increase of people opting for cosmetic surgery increases, more surgeons are choosing cosmetic surgery, thus making it hard for patients to locate an expert in the field.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon.

Do your research

Take time to do your own research in finding a surgeon for your procedure. Be sure not to rely on what others say, though you can ask your friends and family for any recommendations that they might have previously had.

Ask About Their Experience

Find out about their experience with the desired procedure. Consider surgeons that perform a range of procedures or specialize in the procedure that you want opting for. However, if you come across a surgeon who talks about a “new” technique, find out about their results and effectiveness before you agree.

Discuss the Follow-Up Care

While surgery alone is not the entire journey, you must also have a good follow up care. It is the surgeon’s responsibility to follow up with their patients and monitor their progress in recovery. Be sure Ask about their policy on any surgery revision and follow-up care.

Rapport Satisfaction

Patients are reported to be more satisfied with their experience when the surgeon provides a strong rapport. Even if the surgeon is the most successful in the country, they might not be the best choice for every patient they meet. Before you schedule your surgery, find out how effective your doctor works with you to communicate and answer questions. Do you feel comfortable in discussing your physical goals? Do you both agree on expectations? If not, how do they provide more information and input on your expectations?

If the surgeon does not answer your questions completely with poise, look elsewhere. You must find a doctor that you feel comfortable in discussing the procedure.


Surgeons are supposed to be great as what they do. However, some have shown poor results – leaving many patients unsatisfied. To find out their technique, ask them about their before and after results from previous patients who have undergone the same procedure you are interested in.