Top 4 Reasons Why Patients Choose Revision Surgery

For some patients, it is often necessary to perform revision surgery after having breast implants that they are not satisfied with. Based on research, we have narrowed down the top 4 reasons why patients choose revision surgery.

Rupture or hardening

Referring to the hole or tear in the out shell of the implant, nearly as much as 1% of implants are at a risk of rupturing from within. As a result, studies tell us that patients with breast implants increase the risk of as much as 20% every year. However, there is no evidence in any specific type of implants.

If the capsule around the breast implants hardens and contract, this can result in an abnormal shape, position, and pain from the implant. Using polyurethane implants will reduce the chance of capsular hardening by as much as 1%.

Switch to Silicone

Since the FDA lifted regulation on silicone implants, more woman is choosing silicone for breast augmentation or revision. Today, you will find silicone gel implants with extra strength and less likely to rip. On the other hand, saline implants are liquid implants with more stability.

Desire to Upgrade a Size

One of the most common reasons why women choose revision surgery is their desire to upgrade their breast size. Whether they want to increase or downsize their implants, changing the size of the implant is quite common in the industry. This is especially true after childbirth and weight changes.


When the breasts start to sag, this is often due to the signs of aging, breastfeeding, and weight change in the body. These changes are also due to the stretching of the breast tissue from heavy implants.


While revision surgery is necessary after years of implants, choosing to upgrade your implants to polyurethane will reduce the post-operation rates significantly and save you on costs.